Wednesday, December 29, 2010


in the silence of early morning,

I notice and smile at 

the rhythmic clicking tick 

of this home-office clock.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Love Nest #haiku

Never seen before
Woven love and intention
Tiny birds live here....

These trees

These sycamore trees speak God's barest words in their rustling.

"Don't critique." "Don't endlessly try to fix what you see as wrong."

"Stay present." Breath. "Seek the lip of the bike path as your bench."

Breath. "Write." Breath. "Observe." Breath. "Listen." Breath. "Write."

I do.

My First Wii Mii: #AROS December 25, 2010

My children howled with laughter at my Wii Mii, my first ever.

I laughed alongside them, a tiny shred of fearfulness hovering around my shoulders.

I daren't confess I truly thought I/she looked beautiful.

Inside I smile, widely.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Eyes: Be Still #Aros December 24, 2010

I pause between comments on this poem and this blog and that.

I notice my eyes hurt.

I choose to lie down, to rest, to be still now.

Party Paparazzi, December 23

I feel the forced smile squishing my eyes and tell my whole being to relax. 

I take a breath. 

With a calmer face, the photo is snapped.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mothering Moment of December 23, 2010

The living room fills with a sacred quiet as Emma and I create separately together.


I sprinkle cinnamon over ground 
coffee beans before I brew, 
like Cathy Bennett showed me, long ago. 

I wonder where she is now while my
heart and taste buds thank her.

Grocery Store

Walking over the threshold, the crispy scent of Granny Smith took me by surprise. It is immediately October again.


There is a simple contentment that comes when feeling the sweet softness of fleece against my thighs when I pull on my sweat pants on a cool, winter morning.