Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#Aros January 5, 2011 - Palm Reflections

Preface: I realized I was writing my stones with much less joy because I was so worried about the Stone Rules. Crazy, especially coming from free flow Queen that I am. So today, my stone is not a haiku and isn't even micropoetry. It is short. It is a moment in time. It is just a larger than I have been writing stone.

And it feels just right....

Palm Reflections

My shoulders lunge and my
breath stabs in-startled,

I see the gnashing scar in the
trunk of the palm tree I cherish
The one that lives just outside
my living room bay window ~

"Ouch!" my heart shouts in
loving compassion
and then I realize

it is just the yellow reflection of the camp-turned-art
table, shining its reflection in
 the window I look through
All is well

Just as it would have been
if the tree trunk was dented
and my heart tore open
a little wider
all is well

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