Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amused by February's Sunrises

Small stone month is complete YET I have to continue sharing stones because... it was what I did before Small Stone month and... it is what I will continue to do.

One of my favored methods of "small stoning" was to write the sunrise and the sunset. Here in Bakersfield in January we had a true "I can see you sunrise" once or twice at best. Otherwise, I was left to be ultra creative with my stones.

February began with a bold "Ta-Da! I am here in all my rosy glory!"

So here are my first two sunrise stones for February:

February 1:
Ribbons of pink and gold sprint in the early morning light while the neighboring mountains applaud.

February 2:
Rose blush flirts with the morning star ~ Prelude to blasts of orange and gold now appearing ~ sun shows his peacock wings

Happy February, Friends!

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  1. HI Julie! Found you through Love your poetry and am looking forward to reading more!