Friday, February 4, 2011

Daily Haiku Challenge: Day 4 =

Form leaves impression
Sculpting movement into sand

Solo journey ends

This Haiku was inspired by a prompt from the Daily Haiku Challenge.
Write into the Daily Prompts found here.


  1. Julie, it is my pleasure to have you in the challenge.. What a thoughtful Haiku is this.. Loved it to the core..

    PS: Please link yourself in that day post in my blog.

    Day1, day2, day3 is over, Day 4 is still open so please link in.. I thought of linking you there by myself but I couldn't as the image for day 4 is different.. so write a haiku as per the prompt and link in my post..

    Thanks much and also your kind support..

    Please mail me if you need any more info..

    Someoneis Special

    Have fun ! Haiku on !

  2. I love the word sculpt... the sound of the word is so connected to it's meaning. Great choice!